This WIKI explores cyber bullying, a phenomenon that is causing a great deal of pain to our children and teens.

There is a lack of consent in the definition of cyber bullying and most researchers adopt the definition of the traditional face-to-face bullying extended to electronic forms of contact. Bullying is a form of aggression. Aggression referrers to an intentional behaviour that hurts or harm another person. Bullying is an aggression where there is an imbalance of power and repetition of the act i.e. it is a systematic abuse of power. Cyber bullying refers to bulling carried out via electronic-media mobile phones and the internet (1). Technology has exacerbated the problem by allowing bullying to be accomplished easily and anonymously.

The current WIKI is organised into five main pages:

Ways cyber bullying is manifested

Girls vs. Boys

Emotional impact

Prevention and intervention

Get help


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